Monday, May 24, 2010

Magnolia recipe card

A few months ago I talked my daughter into taking a Cricut class so she could learn to use the gift her sister & I bought for her. (She's always too busy going 90 miles an hour with a husband, kids, work & a busy military life.) I found a scrapbook shop in her area with an upcoming class right away. Sooooo, just to please me, my daughter half-heartedly signed up for it... She went & was hooked !!!

A couple of weeks later, she called & said they were having a recipe card class & since she loved the little Magnolia Chef Tilda & Edwin that I had colored for a card, she asked if I might help her make a page for her class using them. Being the good Mom that I am, I assured her I would LOVE to help!!! Little did I know she didn't need just ONE recipe page she needed 12 of them!!! All the ladies in the class had to make 12 of the same recipe card page to give to each other and they would keep one for themselves. At the end of the swap, they would each have a dozen recipe cards so they would pretty much have a complete recipe book finished after one class. My daughter said they had several weeks to get them finished, so right away I busted out my Cricut & used the "From My Kitchen" cartridge & started cutting things out. (What a WONDERFUL cartridge that is!) Everything on this recipe card - except the Tilda & Edwin - was made with that cart. Once I'd made up my mind (which is a major feat in itself), it took me quite awhile to cut & ink everything up. I had piles of little eggs and mittens and spatulas everywhere! Then I had 24 little "Chefs" to color & cut out - Whew! That was hard work... I got most of them finished but had several left to cut out before my hands finally gave out and I had to get it in the mail to send to her for her swap. I put one page together so she could follow my example and then I bagged everything up separately and sent it to her to put together. Her 10-year-old son, Ryan, helped her set up an assembly line and the two of them knocked them out together. (I think Ryan only wanted to help out so he could go with her to sample the food they were each bringing.)
My daughter called & thanked me and said she never dreamed it could be so hard to put a page together - LET ALONE MAKE 12 PAGES! My daughters do soooo much for me that it pleases me when I can do something to help them ...

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  1. oh my goodness Janie....that was production line card making at its best, next time your daughter has a good idea I'd pass
    have a great week
    Hugs from Daniele

  2. Hi Daniele, your comment made me smile...
    That WAS a lot of work, but my daughters do so much for me this was the least I could do for one of them ... cutting out 24 images was the hard part the rest was pretty quick with my wonderful Cricut ...
    Hugs, Janie

  3. Oh I know full well how much work you put into this. But it was worth every second! I love it! Awesome job, Janie!!!

  4. Aw, what a good Mom to make all these elements to put together and 24 little Edwins and Tildas!!!! The resulting recipe page is adorable, I bet your daughter was blown away with the beautiful job you did and I'm sure she appreciated her Mom's talents very much. So Nicely done!

    Sue Drees


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