Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Tilda Tote


I WISH I could say I made this, but my sweet friend Ruth Ann created this adorable “Tilda” tote for me when she heard I was going to New Mexico when my granddaughter Ashley has her baby. I wanted a bag to pack a few stamped images & some of my Copics in so I had something to do while we’re waiting on the baby to make his entrance into this world. Looks like the time is close so I’m flying there tomorrow & hope to make it before she has him. My daughter left today & is already there so she will get to meet him right away as this is her 1st grandchild & she is QUITE anxious to hold him … It would be great if they wait for me tomorrow but for Ashley’s sake I hope she has him ASAP as I know it’s been a long 9 months. Isn’t this bag too SWEET !!!


Ruth Ann did a wonderful job on this gorgeous little bag & I am thrilled to have it. It has a beautifully colored Tilda on it & I love the wonderful spring fabrics she used. It has plenty of nice sized pockets to hold a lot of Copics & images. I’m hoping to get a lot of them finished so I can make cards when I get back home & have some cute things to post. I did get one colored & you can see her popping her head out holding that little balloon.  


It is the perfect size & it’s so darn cute I’m tempted to put it in a plastic bag so it doesn’t get dirty on the plane. But since I want to show it off I’ll just try to be extra careful … 


There’s room in here for many things including my Ipad which I’m carrying in there;


Once again, Ruth Ann you know how much this meant to me the day you gave it to me at the shop. A girl never had a better friend … Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Since I love it so much I told my daughter, Bridgette who has a quilt shop that I would LOVE to have a 2nd one in fall colors. She assured me if I would ONLY color her a Tilda to use she would gladly make me one. How did I EVER get so lucky !!! Great friends AND great family !!!

Hugs, Janie