Friday, March 7, 2014

Pink & Green Surprise

My face actually HURTS from smiling all day … In the mail today I received the most wonderful gift from my friend Ruth Ann … She made me a BEAUTIFUL pink & green quilted purse for my birthday with a sweet little Tilda card. She knows my favorite colors & also knows how I LOVE Ladybugs so I got a double dose of Happy …


Does it get any better when you have friends who do something like this … I was just speechless when I opened my package thinking “oh goodie”, I KNOW she sent me some new card making die & I can’t wait to see what it is. I just hugged that gorgeous purse & got tears in my eyes. It’s so pretty I don’t even want to use it cuz I’m afraid I will get it dirty … But use it I will & am going to enjoy showing it off every day !!! Thank you my friend …


I’m sure Ruth Ann will post this on her blog as well but I just had to share it with you & I’m going to have to invest in this adorable little Tilda image & the Ladybug as well. I admit it I am a Tilda addict !!! If you’d like to pop over to her blog in the next day or so she can give you all the wonderful details on how she made these & many other wonderful cards, purses & quilts. She does an amazing job on everything !!!


The purse has magnetic closures on the sides to make it more fitted & also has one on the inside to keep everything secure.



Is this not the coolest purse, look at ALL those wonderful pockets. LOVE the magnetic closures.

My husband & daughters make me happy everyday but today I’m thankful for my friend Ruth Ann not just for the beautiful gifts but for being a true friend …

Old black purse you’re going BYE BYE !!!  Tomorrow I’ll be shopping in style …


Hugs, Janie